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About the firm

We combine experience and creativity to present the best legal solutions

Bicalho Navarro Advogados is born from the merger of two renowned law firms: Bicalho ADV and Navarro Advogados.

The firms, which emerged together in 2000, became independent in 2008 and, with core elements that remained very similar and close, they reunited in 2023. That reunion brought on complementary strengths and skills, resulting in a wide-ranging, complete and integrated office. With complementary areas of practice, we always seek to offer complete solutions to make our clients’ businesses viable.

Our practice is focused on corporate law and business law, providing business groups, financial institutions and private investors with high quality and efficient specialized legal advisory. We have a solid culture of integrity, principles and values, and we value close relationships with our clients.

We believe that in-depth knowledge of their businesses and the market in which they operate, in addition to fully mastering legal techniques, is essential to achieving the targeted results.

Our team is characterized by an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, which allows us to offer cohesive and complete advisory. We are committed to providing an excellent service, guided by ethics, technical proficiency and commitment to the interests of our clients.

Our quest is to transform society as a whole, generate prosperity for clients, facilitate access to housing for those who need it most, in addition to improving the legal, economic and social environment in our country.


Our goal is to combine the strength of our firm’s legal and market knowledge, plus the dynamism of our young, highly qualified and innovative team, with a persevering approach to fight for the interests of our clients. We want to be a legal management platform that offers customized, creative and secure solutions for the cases entrusted to us, aiming to achieve the results expected by the corporations and individuals we represent.

We guide our services by the business purposes of our clients. We do not limit the cases advised by Bicalho Navarro Advogados to a single segment of law practice, but rather, we evaluate and act in an integrated and synergistic way between our different legal practices and our in-depth market knowledge, thus ensuring effective delivery. Furthermore, we have strategic partners in different regions of Brazil and abroad, further expanding the range of the services we offer.

As part of our legal management platform approach, we value technology as a strategic partner and a key resource to increase the efficiency of services and offer better cost-effectiveness for repetitive and less complex issues.

Our promise is to ensure excellence, from execution to delivery, in all services we provide our clients with, in the different segments that make up our portfolio.

This is how we do business here at Bicalho Navarro Advogados.


Good law practice requires knowledge and experience. Not only technical-legal knowledge, but also the business and customer needs. Experience not only in law practice, but in life. With the use of new technologies and through courses, exhibitions and debates, Learn (Courses and Training area of Bicalho Navarro Advogados) covers internal and external courses, and a multidisciplinary training program/platform, to share knowledge and experience in an intelligent and participatory way, for the benefit of the collectivity.


New technologies transform the way people and companies relate to each other and the world around them. When providing legal services, technological innovations facilitate communication, optimize access to information and provide agility and security. Tech (the technology area of Bicalho Navarro Advogados) is dedicated to the search and implementation of the best innovation and technology tools applied to Law, for the benefit of all employees and clients.