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With a view to reinforcing transparency, ethical principles and good practices that guide all activities and relationships at Bicalho Navarro Advogados, we have implemented our Compliance Program.

By instituting our Code of Ethics and Conduct, we conduct training to guide our employees on all aspects that encompass our Integrity Conduct, also setting a Compliance Committee, made up of representatives from our legal and managerial areas. Committee members are responsible for receiving, investigating, clarifying and resolving any and all issues related to the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Bicalho Navarro Advogados, as well as for ensuring adequate implementation and fulfillment of the Compliance Program.


We have developed several initiatives to reduce the consumption of materials, water and energy, and we constantly invest in raising awareness among our employees about the individual role of each of us in building a better world for current and future generations, and about our responsibility to foster sustainable development in all its aspects.

Our direct contribution to the construction of a more participatory, egalitarian and fair society also occurs through financial support for social and educational projects, which are known to foster the dissemination of knowledge, inclusion, citizenship and improvement in the quality of life of young people, families and surrounding communities.


People and companies cannot remain indifferent to the social, economic and cultural challenges of the society in which they are integrated. Fostering social responsibility, diversity and inclusion are obligations of us all. The Social Responsibility area at Bicalho Navarro Advogados fosters a supportive and inclusive culture, as well as effective actions to support social and environmental causes. In the last year we have worked on the following actions:

  • Sopão com Carinho project (distributes 300/400 soups daily in the central region of São Paulo): monthly financial contribution and volunteer work
  • Internal donation campaigns at Easter and Christmas
  • Permanent internal campaigns to recycle materials and collect bottle caps and can rings to exchange for wheelchairs
  • Lectures, events and production/distribution of internal materials on relevant topics such as: Impostor Syndrome, Self-Esteem, People with Disabilities, Diversity and the Environment
  • Internal events for the integration of all office employees, regardless of teams, such as, for example, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Breakfast, Children’s Day Party, Halloween with the Children, End-of-the-Year Party

The Envira Amazônia Project


The office, always looking for choices and actions in favor of the environment and society, is proud to share that it has neutralized its carbon emissions, obtaining the Carbon Neutral certificate from Carbonext. Neutralizing emissions is part of the review of our environmental policy, which involves, among other initiatives, the reduction and recycling of waste produced in the workplace. With this action, we reinforce our commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

By neutralizing carbon emissions, we support The Envira Amazon Project, which, through actions developed in a region of 39 thousand hectares, in Acre, is responsible for an estimated annual reduction of 351,386 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases converted into CO2.

Furthermore, The Envira Amazon Project projects result in positive social impacts in the region, through the generation of jobs and other benefits, such as:

Care for biodiversity: conservation of the area through the protection of around 270 species of animals native to the region, including endangered animals

  • Patrol and monitoring of the protected area, via boat, to reach remote areas, with the involvement of the local community
  • Monitoring conditions and generating work
  • Technical training in sustainable agriculture, aimed at the sustainable cultivation and harvesting of açaí, copaíba, medicinal plants and rubber

Training to measure carbon stock

  • Creation of HQ for the project and meetings with the local community
  • Installation of community toilets with sanitation
  • Implementation of a health center with a dental clinic
  • Attendance monitoring in schools


We have the certificate (No. CBX78835FEDCE7A9469/D0E8D8) that certifies the neutralization of 13,684 TONS OF CO2e in the name of BICALHO NAVARRO on February 23, 2024. This neutralization was carried out through the purchase of 13,684 CARBON CREDITS, audited and registered by VERRA, from our REDD+ projects (Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation + conservation of forest carbon stocks, increase in forest carbon stocks and sustainable management).

This is yet another responsible attitude from the office, faithful to its commitment to the relevant agenda of slowing down the process of global warming. We encourage such practices in pursuit of achieving global environmental sustainability goals.