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A team ready to further your claims

In urban planning consultancy, the Firm is committed to providing a specialized and excellent service in legal advisory to its clients, assisting them in structuring projects, based on the construal and application of urban planning rules.

More to the point, it offers guidance on licensing and rectification procedures for projects, aiming to ensure legal compliance and avoid possible problems in the future, in addition to preparing statements and acting before Government Authorities, in the most diverse cases, regarding transfers of development credit and CEPAC binding procedures.

Urban Law is a subject of public law that determines the rules necessary for the approval of real estate projects, such as land subdivisions and real estate development. With the increasing complexity of such laws, it is essential for developers to have a highly specialized support to ensure compliance with current regulations. Therefore, the urban planning consultancy is dedicated to offering guidance for better structuring the most diverse types of projects, reports and legal opinions related to real estate projects and the urban rules guiding their approval.

Bicalho Navarro Advogados has a highly qualified team ready to deal with specific needs in the consultancy segment, and which is constantly involved in current urban planning issues of considerable complexity.

  • Legal advisory on urban planning issues
  • Development, startup and approval of projects
  • Licenses and permits
  • Contracts
  • Transfer of Development Credits (TDC)
  • Additional Development Credit Certificate (CEPAC) procedures
  • Urban policies
  • Urbans operations and interventions
  • Urban planning grant
  • Land rectification
  • Urban planning due diligence
  • Legal opinions