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We anticipate, mitigate and protect family businesses and assets

Our asset management team offers highly customized, complete and integrated advisory on asset management and protection, through probate and tax planning, structuring of holding companies and asset structures in Brazil and abroad, implementation of (corporate and family) governance, and mediation of discussions between the individuals involved, and is committed to providing a fully customized and high-quality service, maximum efficiency and safety, meeting the specific needs of each client and always seeking to ensure the preservation and growth of their assets, harmony in family life, as well as the continuity of joint family business.

Bicalho Navarro Advogados’ approach is based on a thorough analysis of the needs and goals of each client and their family members, taking into account legal, financial and operational aspects of family businesses. We work in partnership with professionals specialized in financial management, investments, governance and mediation, in order to offer our clients a complete and integrated view of asset management, encompassing all aspects of our specialties (equity, tax, probate, real estate, and corporate) in a harmonious and complete way.

In addition, we also work in resolving family conflicts related to property issues, such as drafting family agreements, mediation and arbitration. By understanding the particularities of each individual interconnected to the equity structure, we make it possible to strengthen relationships and carry out joint business in a structured manner.

  • Analysis of asset and operating structures owned by individuals and corporations, to define restructuring strategies for asset protection, probate planning and governance organization, with greater tax efficiency (“Asset Diagnosis”)
  • Constitution and management of asset structures
  • Constitution and management of Rural Holding companies and other instruments related to rural activity
  • Operational and/or Investment Structures Abroad.
  • Probate instruments abroad (Trust, DOT, JTRS, Wills, etc.)
  • Prenuptial Agreements, Cohabitation Deeds, Wills and Extrajudicial Probate Process
  • Ongoing mediation advisory and corporate governance implementation
  • Shareholders’ Agreements, Family Protocols and Consent Decrees